Our Mission

Our Mission

We set out to create a destination on Bloomington’s historic Kirkwood Avenue that promotes lively discussion, blooming friendships, and worldwide benevolence through our premium coffee. Our coffee is not the endpoint of our mission; rather, it serves as a medium through which extraordinary things can be done by ordinary people who want to make our world a better place.

a cafe with a

heart of giving

The Pourhouse Café focuses on providing delightful local products and engaging in global influence. As a unique nonprofit coffeehouse, we connect with organizations locally and globally in an effort to provide financial support through generous customer tips. The Pourhouse is not only a warm, inviting atmosphere to work, drink, eat, and meet – it’s also a community that makes a difference for those in need.

Interesting Coffee Facts

Do you know the journey that the coffee you know and love takes to get from the plant to your morning cup? The process of making coffee is quite an intricate system. Check out the link below to learn more about the lifespan of coffee from seed to cup!

Learn About How Coffee Is Made